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"How easy?? So easy to sell your gold and other metals through National Gold Buying. The payout is great, much better than other gold buying sites. I weighed out two separate amounts of 14k gold and sent one batch to another business and was paid $150.00 less than National Gold Buying! Needless to say, I only going to sell my gold through National Gold Buying. "

- Lisa Conti-Ripley from Placerville, CA - 02/17/2020

"National Gold Buying did not disappoint. They are by far the best. I was answered promptly, given a very fair amount for my gold, and money was processed the same day! I am so pleased and will refer anyone to them. "

- Christina Romano from Warwick, RI - 10/27/2019

"The is the 1st time doing business with National Gold Buying , It was FAST have the check within 5 days , will do business again , THANKS"

- Kwok Hui from San Gabriel, CA - 08/26/2019

"This my second time using national gold buying and their apprials is fair. They are quick and professional. I highly recommend this business "

- Marquita from Philadelphia, PA - 08/03/2019

"I am very pleased with the courtesy shown. The offer was more than I anticipated and payment was received promptly-will definitely recommend to others!"

- Martin Boxer from bklyn, NY - 03/08/2019

"I was nervous at first to just ship off my gold, however, within days I received a notice of their offer and it was extremely generous and reasonable, better than any offer I had gotten locally. It was a pleasure doing business with them and I will certainly use them again in the future."

- Tonya Cerce from Santa Rosa, CA - 03/07/2019

"Very fast and helpful. Highly recommend them. Thank you "

- Jack Capps from ODESSA, TX - 03/02/2019

"My experience with was nothing short of spectacular. The process from the beginning was very professional and prompt. I received my appraisal back very quickly and was honestly blow away by the amount that I was offered to me for my jewelry. I highly recommend this site. "

- Ryan Baeten from Lisle, IL - 02/27/2019

"This was so easy! They mailed me the whole packet and I just dropped it off. They called me to see if I needed help and then sent my offer very promptly. I definitely recommend it!"

- June from Ridgefield, WA - 01/23/2019

"Quick, easy service that provides the maximum return I've seen on the market. So easy, even a caveman could do it! Lol"

- Jill Bermudez from LONG BEACH, MS - 01/16/2019

"Wow, very fast evaluation and immediate payment for almost double what I expected. Many thanks."

- GORDON HASTINGS from ANAHEIM, CA - 12/29/2018

"Had a fast and very good experience. I sent a small bag of broken gold and sterling jewelry pieces and received twice the amount I was offered at a local buyer. National Gold was easy and provided ongoing communication with a rapid payment. I will use them again and highly recommend"

- Deborah Sampson from Hancock, NH - 02/06/2018

"I have used NGB twice and ,as always, the NGB team was very amicable and accessible. The process is very simple and free, their offers were fair, and their payments arrived very fast. They have my stamp of approval!"

- Hemal Bhagat from Bradenton, AL - 01/07/2018

"Great service, fast, fair and a real pleasure to deal with. Great customer service and I am recommending to anyone who asks!!!!"

- robert balmes from Shawnee, OK - 12/27/2017

"I sent my old silver jewelry to 3 different companies to see which would give me the best offer so that I would know which company to send my old gold. This company gave a favorable offer and I was pleased with the check that I received in a very timely manner."

- LINDA Marvin from TALIHINA, OK - 11/20/2017

"I wasn't sure about selling my jewelry online, so I did some research and this company was highly recommended. Took a chance, and was very happy I chose them. Not only did they give me a very fair price for my jewelry, but were prompt in remitting the payment. When I had a question, they called back immediately and were so professional. I would highly recommend using them if you have unwanted jewelry or need immediate cash for what you need to sell. They were great."

- PATTY SHORT from ESCONDIDO, CA - 11/19/2017

"My experience was very positive. I had a bunch of jewelry laying around collecting dust and knew there had to be an easy way to get rid of it. The pre-paid envelope came in the mail super quick. The packing process was easy and I dropped it to FedEx. The very next day, I got an email that said they received the package and were evaluating and within hours I received a quote. I honestly was not expecting much, and the quote was higher than I anticipated. The check arrived within a few day. The communication process was super and I will definitely use this service again. "

- Stephanie Teschendorf from Melbourne, FL - 11/15/2017

"This is a remarkable company. They use the metals they buy for re-purposing in the dental industry. I like that they find a productive way to use the material and that it is recycled successfully. They gave me excellent prices - above the quotes I got from local stores. They are the real deal - I will use them again and recommend them to friends and family. "

- SUSANNA SHEA from MEMPHIS, TN - 11/01/2017

"Very easy and informative "

- Kathy Lawrence from Manchester, NH - 10/31/2017

"I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of money we received and the speed that the whole process took. Thank you for such a smooth transaction."

- Chris Gordon from Erin, TN - 10/03/2017

"Absolutely satisfied with the speedy service and valuation! Highly recommend!!!"

- Ashley Adams from Killeen, TX - 09/09/2017

"Very fast response & great customer service when I had questions!"

- Janice Capasso from Murrysville, PA - 09/07/2017

"It was a great experience working with this company. They were fast and fair. Even willing to negotiate the price. I would definitely recommend to others. "

- Aurora Avila from Tolleson, AZ - 07/02/2017

"My testimony is I just lost my mom and my dad and I didn't have no income at all so a lot of scrap gold in my home so I put it all in a bag mailed it to National Gold it was a great blessing that I did that because that little amount helped me too pay a bill that need to be paid so I think the staff at National goal for helping me and a financial situation I love National gold so thank you and your staff,.Cedric Dean "

- Cedric dean from Miami, FL - 06/22/2017

"I am very satisfied with National Gold Buying! The whole process went quickly and smoothly. I was happy with the offer they gave me, and once I accepted it, I had a check within a couple of days. Thank you, National Gold Buying, for making this experience so easy and convenient! "

- Michelle Thormahlen from Bristol, CT - 06/22/2017

"Looked online for a gold buyer and found out quiclly that there are a lot of different ones and they all claim to be the best. I took one look at the testimonials for NGB and knew right away that it was the right one. Five days after ordering the shipping packet, I had a check on the way. Eleven days later I had enough money to renovate my dining room. They now have a lifelong customer."

- george ings from clinton corners, NY - 05/29/2017

"Very easy and quick. Sent in some old jewelry and got a good price. Will use this company again. "

- Ala Morgan from New York, NY - 05/01/2017

"Very easy to pack and ship. Have used before and they will give you the best offer online period. Would use again anytime."

- Erich Harman from FH, AZ - 04/28/2017

"National gold buying is true to its word, I sent in a piece of broken jewelry within a day I had a quote and within a week I had a check. Great value for my gold. I would recommend anyone to go thru national gold buying. "

- Lynnanne Bryant from Leesport, PA - 04/20/2017

"Clear easy directions with a prepaid fed ex envelope. I felt like I got a fair price quote. The check I recieved came from a known bank.This was an easy experience and will be happy to due more business in the future."

- Matthew Toscano from Granite Falls, WA - 03/16/2017

"I was very pleased with the service I received and with the valuation of the gold and platinum I sent in. It all happened in a very timely way. Thank you."

- Julie Crudo-Stroud from Senoia, GA - 03/12/2017

"Read about this company in the WSJ. They had a positive experience testing them and I had a positive experience too. Could not have been easier and they paid a fair price for my scrap metal. I highly recommend them!"

- Susan Fitzgerald from Easton, MD - 03/08/2017

"My experience with NGB was great – no fuss, no muss. Although it’s hard to compare prices if you don’t actually send identical pieces to more than one buyer, NGB’s prices are good, I’m sure. The thing that I REALLY like about NGB is the detailed instructions and the ease of the transaction. It was all done by e-mail, which I really appreciate. Once I received my envelope, I identified a business in my town which would accept prepaid FedExp envelopes, and within days I was contacted, given the quote, and given a chance to think it over. When I accepted the offer, I had the check very quickly. I would definitely do business with NGB again."

- Janet Renaud from Greenfield, NH - 02/12/2017

"Talk about easy! The sent me an envelope, I dropped it at Fed Ex and a few days later, I had a check. It doesn't get any simpler than that!"

- Sean Quinn from Racine, WI - 02/12/2017

"Decent price. Good response personable. Check came as promised"

- Marcelline LeTourneau from SEQUIM, WA - 02/11/2017

"I highly recommend National Gold Buyers for anyone interested in selling their unwanted gold or gold scraps. Service was friendly and efficient. I am very satisfied with my experience with them."

- Nancy from Joplin, MO - 01/18/2017

"I sent to national gold buyers my old baby jewelry and received a great offer for it! 100% satisfaction guaranteed!"

- Velia Trias from Katy, TX - 01/16/2017

"Very fast friendly service they want to help you the best they can its a great service too use I'll be using them again."

- Mancy Craft from Youngstown, OH - 12/23/2016

"I did all sorts of research before deciding to go with National Gold Buying. Their reputation is well deserved. Service was fast and the price was fair. I would definitely use this service again."

- Carissa Hopkins from WEST UNION, SC - 11/06/2016

"The process was very easy and I felt they offered a fair price. Receiving the check was fast and I'll definitely use them in the future. Two thumbs up on the experience! "

- Amy Grant from Haleiwa, HI, HI - 10/26/2016

"National Gold Buying was a pleasure to work with. I found them after trying another online gold dealer. After being unhappy with their offer, I sent my gold into National Gold and received a much better offer that I happily accepted."

- Jeffrey Mathis from Gloucester point, VA - 10/15/2016

"I was hesitant about sending my fine jewelry to an online dealer as I wasn't sure what to expect. National Gold Buyers set me straight. Great experience, good quote, and fine customer service! "

- MichaelG Greiner from Kansas City, MO - 10/13/2016

"National Gold Buying was very prompt with my shipping kit. Two days after I shipped my item, I received a call with mg offer! The offer was very reasonable and more than what I expected, and I accepted! The customer service was amazing due to the fact that the lady was very nice and knowledgeable. I would definitely use this service again! "

- Jeanette Martinez from Shenandoah, TX - 10/11/2016

"I received cordial, prompt, and businesslike service in my dealings with this firm. They honor their promises promptly and fully. I recommend them and would deal with them again."

- Lynn Schoch from Bloomington, IN - 09/05/2016

"Fast and easy! Would absolutely use National Gold Buying again!"

- Bethany Lowe from Los Angeles, CA - 08/20/2016

"National gold buying offered me more than any online service or local pawnbroker or jewelry shop and had my check out to me the same day they gave me my valuation "

- Stevie Lee webb from Washington, D.C. , DC - 08/20/2016

"Very easy, quick process! Once I sent in my gold, my quote came through email. Once I accepted, my check came just a few days later! Would definitely use again!"

- Bethany Lowe from Los Angeles , CA - 08/20/2016

"Sent several pieces in and was very happy with what they gave me for my items. I received my check quickly. I would highly recommend this company for selling all of your unwanted items to. Thank you so much!"

- cindy santos from Spotsylvania, VA - 08/11/2016

"I am so glad that I sent my old gold jewelry to National Gold Buying, because I was able to clear up a concern that I had after speaking with Karen; and also, she had my check sent out the same day. They offered me a nice amount. My birthday was the day before, so of course I was elated. Thanks! "

- Brenda Thompson from Glenolden, PA - 07/22/2016

"Sent several pieces of old jewelry and I was given the best price for it. The customer service department is very well staffed and very helpful. "

- DAVID GRAY from COLUMBUS, MS - 06/29/2016

"I found a bunch of broken jewelry in my storage in it and I never dreamed that I would have got $169 for it I highly recommend National Gold buying they gave me top dollar for what I have"

- Lili Smith from Bremerton , WA - 06/09/2016

"I was going to send gold to another company but decided to check their reputation first. I'm so glad I did! While doing my search I came across information that was the best, so I decided to try them instead! Not only were they very fast, but their offer was hundreds of dollars higher than what I expected! What a great experience selling old jewelry that's just been sitting in my jewelry box for years!"

- Leah Manning from Montgomery, AL - 06/04/2016

"Absolutely love! Fair prices and fast, easy service!"

- Dana Todd from ROYAL, AR - 06/01/2016

"This was an unbelievable experience! Much too easy and extremely fair. I love this place and I am a very hard judge. Don't think twice try it just do it."

- Olga Moreno from Santa Fe Springs, CA - 05/25/2016

"Top price for my 22K gold piece and extremely prompt payment...The whole process was easy and the Customer service excellent. I will definitely do business with again!"

- Michael Fotakis from Cibolo, TX - 05/03/2016

"Expedient service says it all; from receiving the pre-paid package within days, preferred manner of communicating offer of items mailed (via FedEx) as well as the receipt of check after acceptance of quote...and all from the comfort of my living room. "

- Jannis Bacani from Deer Park, WA - 04/27/2016

"I never knew selling gold could be this easy! After going to local pawn shops and getting low balled I figured I would give National Gold a chance. I submitted my information on their site and received a package in 2 days. After putting my Jewlery the prepaid shipping package I dropped it off at FedEx. I received a call the next day with the the amount I was looking for. I received a check 2 days later. Save yourself the time effort and give them a chance! 8632"

- Gary Miller from Spring lake, NC - 04/19/2016

"Great personal service and one of the top paying sites out there"

- jace klibemski from buffalo, WY - 04/18/2016

"I think National Gold did a quick and efficient job with my unwanted gold. The money offer was very reasonable.All I had to do was mail the gold in a Fedex prepaid envelope provided by them."

- Henry Ciezkowski from Edgemere, MD - 04/05/2016

"My gold selling experience with National Gold was excellent. It was easy, fast, professional and competitive. From my first email asking for a gold n pack kit. I was delighted at how fast I received a packet, an offer , and my check! I feel secure knowing I can trust National Gold with my gold. Don't waste time going through other gold buying companies, I was not given the same professional, trustworthy, prompt attention as I did with National Gold. "

- Kathryn Godinez from Wildomar, ca., CA - 03/28/2016

"Convenient, fair and speedy transaction! Nothing better than receiving a check for unwanted and unused jewelry! Thanks!"

- Rhonda Kaletz from Marion, MT, MT - 03/20/2016

"Very smooth and quick service! Would definitely sell my gold here again."

- Lanah Agha from Schaumburg, IL - 03/20/2016

"Twice now I've used NGB and twice now I've received prompt, professional, and courteous customer service. This is the only gold buying website to use. They are, literally speaking, worth their weight in gold!"

- Bo Asher from Breckenridge, TX - 03/13/2016

"I received a nice fat check for my scrap gold a sterling silver. Great way to cash in!!!!!!"

- Paul Materne from Ovilla, TX - 03/08/2016

"I had a selection of jewelry that was broken and in overall bad condition. Some of it, I did not even know if it was real. I sent all of it into National Gold Buying and was promptly offered a substantial sum of money. "

- Timothy Phillips from Royston, GA - 03/06/2016

"Really great experience! Fast, easy, efficient and fair! I was very happy with the amount that they offered for my package. Would definitely recommend and will use again! Thanks so much! "

- kim christman from austin, TX - 03/06/2016

"I had an excellent experience dealing with this company and would have no second thoughts about using them again."

- Scott Utsler from Richmond, VA - 02/17/2016

"This service is fast and easy! People you can trust! "

- Christopher Robins from Indianola, IA - 02/12/2016

"If every business acted with the care and professionalism that NGB does, then this world would be an immensely better place. Having never sold gold items before, the offer I received back completely blew me away. Words cannot describe just how impressed I am with NGB. They've definitely earned a customer for life. Shout out to Victoria: you rock!"

- Bo Asher from Breckenridge, TX - 02/04/2016

"The process was as easy as they described. I was pleased with getting the most I could for my used gold "

- Debra Buchanan from WILMINGTON, MA - 02/03/2016

"easy to do business with and done quickly and professionally."

- Gil Kanner from Largo, Florida, FL - 01/25/2016

"I had a great experience with National Gold Buying. The process was easy and very quick. I sent them some old jewelry I wasn't wearing and they gave me a sufficient amount for it. The payment process was fairly quick as well. I would definitely use them again and recommend this company to others."

- Jaclyn Reece from Houston, TX - 01/24/2016

"They are great to do biz wit. Very fast, no hassle."

- david wright from baton rouge, LA - 12/29/2015


- Thomas webb from st. Augustine, FL - 12/09/2015

"I've never sold gold before and didn't really know where to go or what to do. I researched online and found National Gold Buying paid the best and had the best rating. This experience has been outstanding! They have been so professional and customer oriented it really made me feel very comfortable. I did receive actually more than I expected so I've requested another packet. "

- susan gravlee from Lakeland , FL - 12/07/2015

"I won't lie I thought sending my unwanted gold and silver would be nothing but a scam for some company to make money off my items but I need to admit I sent my jewelery to national gold and I had a response in a matter of like 2 days it was really fast and it only got better the offer they offered me was at least 25 dollars more then the total I figured out when I sent it I agreed of course and boom 2 days later my check was in my mailbox so doing business with national gold made me a believer I'm gonna send all my unwanted gold and silver to national gold and I'm gonna recommend it to everyone I know so I will leave it at I'm ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER !!!!"

- stephen sands from bowdionham, ME - 12/06/2015

"I had a great experience selling my jewelry here! Fast responses to questions! They sent my check and the jewelry I chose not to sell back to me within a few days. Everything was very fast and helpful. I'd sell to them again."

- Jessica Sosnoski from Little Chute , WY - 12/03/2015

" At first I was skeptical wondering if this would be a scam (hard core New Yorker that I am) and I took the chance. I am very happy to say with the staff at National Gold ..the whole process was easy. When I received my fed ex envelope I filled in the paper provided saying what I was sending our both gold and silver and I received a confirmation email that my package was received and a call within 2 days discussing the value and what I was being offered. I have just come across some additional pieces that I will be sending out as well. Thank you to your staff and the fast turnaround with my check. "

- Pauline from Queens , NY - 11/22/2015

"National gold buying is fast and always on time shipping with great service. #1 recommended"

- Nivia Terrell from Washington DC, DC - 11/08/2015

"From start to finish the entire process was easy, fairly priced and helpful. The reps called ME to make sure I had no questions. They explained everything for first-timers like myself so I could easily understand. My package arrived at their office in 48 hours. And I was called with my offer the exact same day. The offer was more then fair. I love this company and I'll tell all my friends to use this company and I will be returning!"

- DeChele Walker from Boone, IA, IA - 11/07/2015

"I found this company extremely easy to deal with, super fast in their processing. I had a notice that they received my packet the morning after I shipped it, and an offer that same afternoon. I had my check 3 working days after I submitted my packet! It was a pleasure doing business with them!"

- Beverly Miller from Melbourne, AR - 11/03/2015

"The staff is really nice and has a lot of patience. Besides, they offered the best price. The best gold-buying company ever. Highly recommended."

- Zoe Pro from New York, NY - 10/29/2015

"Such a great experience! Very helpful staff and a very easy process! Received my money very fast! I will be back to do more business in the future! Thank you!!!"

- Matthew Partney from Saint Louis, MO - 10/29/2015

"Very satisfied with the service. Used it twice. Would recommend to others. Only took 2 days to receive my check. Thanks"

- Kathy Buckland from New port richey, FL - 10/15/2015

"Very good Experience!! Customer service was great, and I received the check in just a few days!!"

- angela culley from Greensboro, NC - 10/14/2015

"This company worked with me and got me my money straight away. They were friendly and helpful. I got the envelope for shipment right away. I received my check within days. They were quick and easy. I would recommend this to friends and family. I will also be a customer of ever needed again. "

- Roberta Verbeeck from Snellville, GA - 10/05/2015

"NGB offered the highest payout of the three parties that made offers for the jewelry we had collected. Best part: it only took eight days fom the time we requested the mailer to when the funds had cleared at our local bank. A+ service!"

- Mark Freije from Dayton, OH - 10/04/2015

"The service was fast, I was given updates at every step of the way and knew what to expect next. The estimate was fair for the items I sent in and I felt secure throughout the process. "

- Petya Randelova from Chicago, IL - 09/29/2015

"I gathered up old unwanted jewelry around the house and sent it to National Gold Bulding was pleasantly surprised with the offer they gave me. Not only did I accept their offer I had their check in my mailbox in 3 days, amazing! These guys are great!"

- Teresa Guest from Riceboro, GA - 09/24/2015

"I had never sold gold through a web site before, so I researched a number of gold buying sites before trying National Gold Buying. I liked the ease of getting a fast quote and the rapid return option if I did not like the price. I was very happy with the quote and got my check right away. I will definitely use National Gold again and recommend them to my friends!"

- Lisabeth Berger from New Port Richey, FL - 09/16/2015

"National Gold is fast. All the testimonials that you read are true about getting your money to you. We made an agreement on Thursday and I had my check in my mailbox on Monday."

- Cheryl Voelz from Fayetteville , NC - 09/14/2015

"I was completely satisfied with my experience of selling my scrap gold jewelry with National Gold Buying. Every aspect was secure, prompt and confidential. I was also very pleased with the offer I received for my items. Will definitely use National Gold Buying again In the future and have recommended them to a number of friends."

- Lisa Pickett from Wallace, NC - 09/14/2015

"Fast and friendly service and great pricing on my old gold jewelry! The check came quickly!"

- Laura Cole-Rowe from Suisun City, CA - 09/02/2015

"The whole process was fast and professional. Received exactly what I wanted for jewelry that was just sitting in my drawer. Great service! "

- Amy Serna from Fayetteville , NC - 09/01/2015

"Fast secure and overall worth it. "

- Rianna Holbrook from Augusta, ME - 08/27/2015

"We had a great experience with National Gold buying. The process was very customer friendly, and the return on our items fair. We've been hauling some of our items around for 40 years, and now we can use the money to fund a scholarship program in our daughter's name.Thank you for helping her dream come true!"

- Jeff Hartwig from Oakhurst, - 08/27/2015

"Great experience! I got the shipping pack in a couple of days, sent it in on a Friday and had an offer on Monday! Their offer was fair and they are very professional and FAST! "

- Joe Scattaglia from Sylmar, CA - 08/23/2015

"The process was quick & easy. Found them on the internet & was given a most favorable recommendation, but I had hoped for more money because I paid a lot more than I received for my jewelry. Even though I know retail prices are high. But it was jewelry I no longer wanted. "

- Toni Brady from Fort Washington, md, MD - 08/17/2015

"Easiest transaction ever!! It only took a couple of days and I had the money in my bank. I do not hesitate in the slightest to use them again. Thank you!!"

- Kathy Gray from Anderson, SC - 08/16/2015

"Great experience, got rid of some very HEAVY silver earrings, and broken pieces, and got a nice check in the mail. Purchased some NEW jewelry that I CAN wear with that! EXCELLENT!"

- Rachel Kipka from Dublin, NH, NH - 08/04/2015

"I found your company paying the closest to gold spot than any other company."

- MATTHEW PETERS from MN, MN - 07/31/2015

"My experience was great. National Gold did everything they said they would and I felt like I received a fair price."

- Jon Samborski from Newberry, FL - 07/28/2015

"I used National Gold to send in some of my unwanted jewelry and the process was so easy. I just requested a packet online and within a few days I had received it in the mail with very detailed information on how to send it all in. I got a live representative on the line the day after my package came in to ensure I did not have any questions or concerns. After I sent in my package I got an email stating that my package was there in the office and shortly after that I received my offer. One I accepted my offer I received a check for the full amount within 2 days. I will use this site again! "

- Shaelynn Galloway from Eagle river, AK - 07/28/2015

"The check that was requested was sent quickly and without delay. I was afraid it was going to take weeks!"

- Marcus Billson from Johnson City, TN - 07/17/2015

"I was very happy and surprised with the amount of money I received. So happy I cleaned out my drawers!"

- Rosemary Simon from North Bellmore, NY - 07/07/2015

"This was the easiest , fastest and fair transaction ever! I simply sent in old odd gold pieces (one earring pieces from a watch band etc.) and within three days I had an offer that was acceptable and I received the check almost immediately. Will certainly use National Gold again. again."

- Barbara McMillin from Wellington, FL - 07/07/2015

"Everything went great! I ordered my kit it got to my home right away . I sent in my gold and got a check all within a week. Would recommend them to anyone. Thank everyone so much. :"

- wendy savage from kingston, TN - 07/01/2015

"I was very pleased with the amount of money paid for some old jewelry I had lying around. I would definitely use this service again."

- Cindy from Taylor, MI - 06/23/2015

"Great service. No problem to deal with at all. Sent item in on a Monday got a offer on Thursday check was in the mail that same day. Much better value then local dealers. "

- Paul Goodwin from lexington, KY - 05/20/2015

"Recently my bridge was broken. I began expensive dental work. I realized that the bridge that was being replaced contained gold under the porcelain. Taking it too a jewelry shop or pawn Shop would have been embarrassing, so I sent it to National and received a valuation. I accepted was quite pleased with the check and the discretion."

- Rebecca Mcneill from Dudley, NC - 05/20/2015

"I had a wonderful experience with this company...very fast respond and receive the payment check pretty fast.. highly recommended this company!"

- SAKYRINE NUOR from SEATTLE , WA - 05/20/2015

"They have always offered me a fair price for my jewelry and they are a very trustworthy company. I would recommend them to my friends and family. "

- Samantha Mahler from Port Saint Lucie, FL - 05/20/2015

"Skeptical at first about sending my gold in for appraisal ...but very satisfied with appraisal and overall outcome...will do business again..."

- Kenneth Funck from Bloomington , MN - 05/20/2015

"National Gold Buying was fast, fair and I will always use them as well as refer friends and family! "

- Kim Castleberry from Treasure Island, FL - 05/20/2015

"National gold buying was fast and easy! Everything was professional and informative, it made selling my gold well worth it!"

- veronica imperiale from orlando, FL - 05/20/2015

"I found this service to be very easy and would definitely recommend it. I believe they gave me a fair price and was done without hassle very quickly. I may use it again in the future. "

- Dorothy Henderson from Hurley NM, NM - 05/20/2015

"I was offered much more then I thought I would get, considering past online places I used. Do not waste your time ANYWHERE else but here!"

- Erich Harman from Fountain Hills, AZ - 05/07/2015

"Fast, efficient and I was surprised at the overall turn around time. (Sending receiving, check in the mail) already waiting on 2nd shipment results."


"I was very pleased with the prompt service and easy way to sell my items. this company is trustworthy and offers very fair prices. I am requesting my 2nd mailer today!"

- Debbie Adamson from Gilbert, AZ - 04/13/2015

"I would love to win thank you"

- glenn follis from crane texas, TX - 04/09/2015

"I recommend this company. They gave me more than anyone local."

- Linda Meldrum from Bountiful, UT - 03/20/2015

"Fast, honest service. The process took a few days to receive my check in the mail!"

- isaac saiz from miami, fl, FL - 03/17/2015

"I will tell all friends and family of the great customer service I received from your company and encourage them to use your company to sell their unwanted gold and silver, fast and efficiently. Thank you for your time."

- Samuel Osborn from So, NC - 02/02/2015

"I found your costumer service exellent. Very fast and efficient. Exellent service would recommend to others."

- Deborah Hall from Jacksonville, FL - 09/28/2012

"Fantastic! Took less than a week to get the check. Absolutey so simple much more money than I dreamed of."

- Leanna Johnstone from Las Vegas, NV - 09/12/2012

"Very pleased with the fast efficient service!!"

- Albert Trenton from Orlando, FL - 09/03/2012

"Exellent and quick service a great company to deal with, they pay great prices better than anyone!"

- Angelo Reyes from Santa Fe, NM - 08/31/2012

"Efficient acknowledge by text reciept, same day offer and received check 2 days later."

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"Extremely fast and efficient service. Received notifiction of the offer the day the pack was received and the check the day after. Very informative staff on e-mail and very helpful on the phone. I would thoroughly recommend ngb to anyone wanting to sell. "

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"Wow! A company you can trust and is true to their word. This was my first dealings with National Gold Buyers and I can honestly say that I was fully satisfied with their offer and my check was received the next day."

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"Excellent service and very fast response with a great offer for my gold."

- Robert A. Jeppesen from Long Branch, NJ - 12/06/2011

"Was not happy with the estimate as I knew items were worth more so requested their return. They then made a much better offer which I accepted and was impressed. Took a total of 5 days to get my check! , Well done National Gold Buyers."

- Evelyn Fernandez from Omaha, NE - 11/25/2011

"Very sympathetic to my circumstance, very customer friendly and actually offered me more than I thought the personal items were worth. Very pleased with the service and I would recommend you to others."

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"I was happyvwith the fast, efficient service."

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"I would like to say a big thank you for getting my check to me so quickly, I accepted on wednesday afternoon and received my check on thursday, amazing!!!"

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"Please note: I am happy for my comments to be published but not my name/address. Fantastic, efficient service!"

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"Having found out about National Gold Buyers on a comparison web site, I have discovered that everything claimed was true. I received a phone callthe day after sending my jewelry offering a fair price. Two days later my check arrived. Super!"

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"Quick efficient and evry helpful service. I was pleased with the promt reply and quote. In this age of poor manners it was good to be dealt with in a business like but friendly way. Pleased to recommend your service."

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"Amazing! Was not sure the transaction would go ahead as advertised but it did. Sent my old jewelry one day, offer the next and check followed couple of days later. Really impressed and have recommended to friends!"

- Rory Ross from Philadelphia, PA - 10/26/2011

"To start with I found your service slow, waited hours for a return call, eventually someone called. Apart from that your offer for my gold was the best. Thank you."

- Barbara Jung from Errol, ME - 10/20/2011

"Fantastic service, sent gold friday afternoon received offer monday check in my hands tuesday. A generous amount for a few odds and ends of old earrings and a couple of broken chains that were doing nothing in a drawer."

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"I was so impressed with service!Very quick, friendly, efficient and generous! I am definitely recomendind"

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"The process was easy and fast. They must surely set the standard (the gold standard) by which other companies are judged thanks."

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"Good honest company, very quick and efficient, from receiving the pack to receiving the check. 3 days! Excellent!"

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"I was thrilled when I received a substantial check in the mail for my old jewelry. Ngb did everything they promised, they emailed me the next day with their quote which I was happy to accept and a check arrived the next day. I will definitely recommend to my friends."

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"With a variety of gold items I had put to one side over the years, I decided to send them to a recommend company. To my surprise I was delighted with a offer of $250."

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"My experience with ngb was quick and so easy I didn’t accept the first offer but they were happy"

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"The customer service received from start to finish was nothing short of exellent. The staff was courteous and informative, the service was quick and efficient and I would highly recommend your company to family and friends"

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"Initially (when seaching on google for gold buyers) I was a little unsure about credibility etc. I chose National Gold Buyers from a comparison site and from then on I was impressed. The service was straightforward, fast and efficient. From sending my items to receiving my check. The service was faultless & completed in 2 working days! Excellent "

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"A very fast and very efficient service. I was very pleased with the value of my jewelry and have now found a few more things I will be sending to you soon."

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"Prompt, I believe fair & courteous. Thank you"

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"Great service, very fast response and payment. Definitely the best company to send your unwanted gold to!"

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"Very fast, reliable, lots of different methods of contact."

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"I sent a gold ring I didn’t wear anymore because it had best reviews on price comparison wesbsites. It lived up to its promises and sent me estimate and final check all within 3 days. I was pleased with the amount I got. "

- Hui Ying Lei from St. Marys, IA - 03/18/2011

"When I contacted National Gold Buyers by e-mail I was surprised how quick the service is and certainly no hassle sorting out my jewelry etc. I was very pleaed with my offer and the prompt payment they sent to me. I have told many of my friends, who will be contacting you. Many thanks."

- Thomas Messer from Boston, MA - 03/04/2011

"Fast and efficient, and such friendly staff--overall great service, and to add icing on the cake - they gave me the highest offer! "

- Cheryl S. Williams from Irvine, CA - 02/18/2011

"Halleluia! Sent gold in envelop provided. Received an email the next morning with an estimate- very polite and friendly. Accepted quote (more than expected)! Check arrived the following morning. 5 stars ngb!"

- Jackie Fair from Huntsville, AL - 02/18/2011

"I sent my gold off expecting it to be worth about 50 bucks since it was all broken and mis-matched. I had a very pleasant surprise when told my gold was worth $300. I have recommended you to my sons fiance, kelly simon and she has received her gold pack. I would recommend you all to everyone. "

- Mark E. Bell from Jackson, MS - 02/04/2011

"I sent my gold on wednesday. Had a super offer on thursday and received the check on friday. The two people I spoke to were very friendly and I would recommend this company to all my friends. "

- Courtney Lorenzo from Eau Claire, WI - 02/02/2011

"Very quick service offering a genuine amount for my jewelry. Very impressed . Received the check in the mail next day. Thanks "

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"Very fast & efficient service. Good offer received and all in 4 days. Thank you ngb!"

- James L. Fields from Greenville, SC - 01/17/2011

"The most easiest, efficient way of cashing in my gold, unwanted jewelry. The deposit bag arrived promptly the next day after request on the interet. It was also a paid for special delivery packet which I sent off. Then the next day I received a text in the morning to which was a fair, good price. I was expecing less but received a good check and I couldnt fault the excellent service I have received! :) "

- Wayne J. Brown from Olivette, MO - 11/03/2010

"Gone on the internet, realized your firm was rated the best among the gold dealers. I found it to be a fast efficent service. Excellent. Thanks!"

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"I would definitely use National Gold Buyers to cash in any gold or precious metals. They acted very quickly and professionally. I had receive my check within two days of contact. Fantastic. "

- Mary G. Marsh from Austin, TX - 10/28/2010

"Thank you for the prompt return of gold offered. Received this morning as you promised. I would certainly recommend your company for the courteous manner in which you handled the offer and also the excellent follow up service."

- Sylvia T Hardin from Norfolk, VA - 10/21/2010

"Everything happened as you described . People on the phone were pleasant and professional. The value of the items of gold were the highest I had received. I am not hesitate to use them again, they offer an excellent service. "

- Evelyn Shetler from Los Angeles, CA - 10/20/2010

"I posted mt scrap on wednesday, the estimate was very fair and I received the check on saturday. This with free postage & free return if I had declined the offer and it amounts to: - excellent service!!"

- Russel M. Harris from Piscataway, NJ - 10/07/2010

"Disappointing. Had looked at some information on web & believed they provided best estimate, when I did not immediately accept my offer and wished to dsicuss, the value increased a further $50. I was unawarethis is procedure for obtaining best quote. "

- Adelaide L. Rodriguez from Flint, MI - 09/27/2010

"I was extremely pleased and more than satisfied with the speed of service. Everything you say in your ad is true! I cannot find fault at all- very happy customer!"

- Fay Stites from Milwaukee, WI - 09/27/2010

"Thank you for the excellent service you provided me with , from requesting your insured discreet return envelope everything ran perfectly from requesting envelope on tuesday received it on wednesday and also returned same day was made an offer early thursday morning and on acceptance received payment check early friday morning. This is a company that certainly sticks to their word. I would certainly recommend them and the payment was well above the offers I received locally. Thanks"

- Linda Cosby from Fort Lauderdale, FL - 09/24/2010

"My pack was sent mon afternoon, I had a phone call tues morning with an offer, on wed received the check. The lady I spoke to was very helpful and the whole transaction from start to finish was excellent. Thank you very much."

- Mary Derringer from Dayton, OH - 08/17/2010

"Very fast and efficient service at an acceptable price. Done paid in only three days. Thank you national gold buying."

- James Wade from Denver, CO - 08/03/2010

"I am very pleased with the response from national gold buying when sending off my gold. It was very quick to answer back and I was please with the amount of money I received. I would recommend gold refiners to all my friends in future. "

- Veronica Souza from Tiverton, RI - 07/05/2010

"Not very efficient, it was almost 2 weeks before my check arrived and then it was addressed to the wrong person. So I had to wait even longer for a new check. I did not like being offered the best price in the first place only when I said no, did I get a better deal? "

- Pam Klug from San Jose, CA - 06/16/2010

"The service I received from your company was from beginning to end excellent! I would recommend you certainly use you again."

- Ed Richards from Norfolk, VA - 05/13/2010

"Wow- sent my jewery off one day, received an offer the next day accepted it and had a check when I got home the following day. 3 days in all - fantastic service- thank you. "

- Mrs. S. Hillmann from Elk Grove Village, IL - 05/13/2010

"First class service. Easy to apply on internet. Very prompt response with details of valuation. Next day delivery of check. "

- Leann Channing from Austin, TX - 05/10/2010

"1st class service - very prompt with both the offer and check. I would recommend. "

- Jeanette Evans from Pittsburgh, PA - 04/22/2010

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